Analysis of the Causes for the Unbalanced Development System of Coating Equipment and Coating Equipment Production Line

Although the paint industry in China started late but developed rapidly, in the tide of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly economic development, the coatings industry is developing towards water-based, and various innovative scientific research products are continuously introduced. However, the existence of many factors has led to inconsistent development of coatings and coatings. The technology and level of coating equipment production line lags behind the development of paints. This has greatly restricted the development of the coatings industry. These factors mainly include the following aspects. :

First of all, paint manufacturers and downstream companies lack good communication and docking. In the past, paint manufacturers only focused on the technical research and development of coating products to improve the performance of paint products, but they ignored the actual application effect. They did not understand the production line technology of paint products, let alone professional research. The paint downstream enterprises only pay attention to the improvement of painting technology, and do not fully grasp the performance of the paint products, which leads to the paint not being fully utilized in practical applications.

Secondly, the coating equipment production line equipment and technology behind the limited application and development of coating products. Technology has always been the soft underbelly of the development of China's paint industry, and it is also the bottleneck facing the development of the paint downstream industry. Paint innovation products are constantly being updated, but if the manufacturer and the user lack communication, it will lead to the lag of the corresponding coating equipment and technology development, coupled with the relatively high cost of coating equipment replacement and research and development, which will lead to coatings. Faced with the "cold market hot market" situation, hindering the development of both sides.

Again, the skills associated with the paint practitioner are missing. Paint production line workers want to be successful in their construction. When they are faced with a new thing and are not sure, the unsafe feeling of insecurity will put them under psychological pressure. Therefore, they prefer traditional construction methods. This has caused the problem of “difficult construction” of new paint products, which ultimately restricts the development of the paint industry.

The integration of the paint and painting equipment production line not only allows the paint company to enhance the understanding and understanding of the painting process and equipment, but also promotes the downstream enterprises' understanding of the paint performance, so that the painter can “do the best”, the paint The product "everything can be used" to achieve the perfect combination of paint and coating.

Under the development situation of rising raw material prices, logistics and cost increase, Liaoyang paint and coating equipment production line integration helps to effectively control costs and achieve a win-win situation between the two parties: for paint companies, paint coating integration has Help paint manufacturers to find problems in time, improve production technology, timely develop products suitable for market demand, reduce R&D costs and promote resistance; for paint downstream enterprises, paint coating integration can reduce product failure rate and reduce Loss and improve product quality. In addition, the integration of paint and coating equipment production lines helps companies to create distinctive, professional and personalized services and enhance their market competitiveness.

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