Knowledge about the maintenance of industrial coating equipment

In the maintenance of industrial coating equipment , the main three aspects: coating line, ground chain, accumulation chain. These three are the three major components of industrial coating equipment , so when maintenance is the most important place to pay attention. For the rollers in these places, always fill in the butter and keep the normal rotation. And some filter cotton at the fan port to keep them filtered.

Science and technology are constantly moving forward, and new technologies, new materials, and new processes are constantly emerging. The development of electronic technology, numerical control technology, laser technology, microwave technology and high-voltage static technology has brought new vitality to the automation, flexibility, intelligence and integration of industrial coating equipment , so that the variety of machine tools is constantly increasing and the technical level is constantly improve. Coating equipment is inseparable from solvents. There are many parts that are resistant to solvents. The coating process requirements are relatively fine, and the equipment precision requirements are higher. Painting equipment is easier to plan the automatic spraying line production mode, saving labor. The speed is slower.