What are the tips for using spray guns for spray equipment?

Automatic spraying equipment refers to the special tool that can replace the artificial cover on the metal or non-metal surface to cover the protective layer or the decorative layer. Today, Changsha Hengyi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. A tip for using spray guns for automatic spray equipment .

High-pressure airless spraying machine is a big classification of automatic spraying equipment . As the name implies, airless spraying machine has more advantages than traditional spraying machine, no matter whether it is large painting operation or small painting operation, the coating quality of spraying machine. Very demanding, how to paint a good quality effect?

Practice makes it very important, experts point out that mastering and using the spray gun of the sprayer will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Before painting, the staff needs to thoroughly clean the automatic spraying equipment before painting , so that it is in the normal state. In addition, check whether the paint spray gun has the ideal spray shape. Note: The ideal spray should be symmetrical and evenly atomized. The edges are clear.

Paint spray pressure; spray paint to achieve the appropriate atomization conditions, need to have certain conditions: spray shape is good, the need for the corresponding pressure, the setting of the spray gun is very important, according to the different spray gun settings are not the same, formed The paint film is different and the spray effect is different.

In fact, the effect of automatic spraying equipment is different from the setting of each component. Therefore, the staff should pay attention to the need to set the high-pressure airless spraying machine before painting to obtain the quality requirements. The coating not only improves production efficiency, but also improves film quality.

Painting line and dusting equipment are preferred for Tiankun coating.