Fine powder coating

Fine powder coating
Fine powder coating

General introduction: It can provide a variety of resin types of mixed pattern, pure polyester type of fine pattern effect powder coating, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. This product has a unique and luxurious appearance to help cover the defects of the substrate itself. Widely used in the coating of various high-grade metal products.

For metal effect powder coatings, the following two points should be noted: 1. For this type of products containing metallic pigments, the system should be well grounded when using electrostatic gun construction, and set the lower electrostatic voltage and powder output. Prevent sparking when spraying. 2. In order to improve the decorativeness of the coating film and overcome the easy-to-scratch property of the metallic pigment, we recommend using a transparent powder coating for the glazing.

Product Series:

It can provide a variety of effects such as sand, hammer, silk, marble, and metal appearance.

A variety of glossy products are available upon request. (We do not recommend using a gloss meter to measure the gloss of an art type film)

Powder physical properties:

Specific gravity: 1.2-1.8 (varies by color and gloss)

Particle size distribution: 100% less than 100 microns (specific indicators depending on the effect of the art, can be adjusted according to the special requirements of the coating)

Liquidity: 120-140

Curing conditions: Depending on the type of resin in the product, please refer to the accompanying instructions for the product.