Epoxy powder coating

Epoxy powder coating
Epoxy powder coating

Epoxy powder coating is a kind of thermosetting powder coating with corrosion resistance and toughness. It is the earliest and fastest application. It consists of epoxy resin, pigment filler, additive and curing agent.

The characteristics of epoxy powder coatings are as follows:

1 Epoxy powder coating has strong adhesion, especially to metal;

2 Epoxy powder coating paint film has good mechanical properties, high hardness, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance;

3 Epoxy powder coating has low melt viscosity, good leveling property, and the coating film has no defects such as pinholes and shrinkage cavities;

4 Epoxy powder coatings have a wide variety of colors, which can be formulated with no light, light, pattern, hammer pattern, etc.

5 Epoxy powder coating can be applied in a single coat with a thickness of 50-300 μm. For uncoated powder, it can be recycled.

6 Epoxy powder coatings require high coating equipment and require sophisticated and sophisticated equipment.

Construction matters

1 Epoxy powder coating is highly adaptable and can be applied by electrostatic spraying, fluidized bed dip coating, electrostatic fluidized bed dip coating, flame spraying, etc., among which electrostatic powder coating method is mostly used;

2 Epoxy powder coating electrostatic coating voltage is generally 40-80 kV, the distance is maintained 150-300 mm, the amount of powder sprayed should be balanced, at 70-200 g / min;

3 The number of electrostatic spraying of epoxy powder coating should not be too much;

4 Epoxy powder coating baking curing temperature and time should be strictly as required, baking temperature should be uniform, to avoid local baking temperature is too high or too low;

5 Do not ignore dust pollution, dust explosion and other issues when coating epoxy powder coatings.