Electrophoresis line

Electrophoresis line
Electrophoresis line

The so-called electrophoretic coating is to immerse the object in a water-soluble paint as an anode (anode electrophoresis), and a corresponding cathode, which is connected with direct current between the two poles, and the physicochemical action generated by the current makes the paint uniform. A coating technique applied to an object to be coated.

Electrophoretic coatings must use electrophoretic paints. Electrophoretic paints are often referred to as water-soluble paints. Electrophoretic paints and distilled water must be diluted in a certain ratio before they can be used.

Electrophoretic coating generally consists of four simultaneous processes:

1. Electrophoresis: Under the action of DC electric field, positive and negative charged colloidal particles move to the negative and positive direction, also known as swimming.

2. Electrolysis: The oxidation-reduction reaction is carried out on the electrodes, respectively, and oxidation and reduction phenomena are formed on the electrodes.

3. Electrodeposition: Due to electrophoresis, charged colloidal particles moving to the vicinity of the anode emit electrons in the template body, and are deposited in an insoluble state, and precipitated, and the paint film is formed at this time.

4. Electroosmosis: The phenomenon that the solid phase does not move and the liquid phase moves under the action of an electric field. The electroosmosis causes the water content in the paint film to be gradually discharged to the outside of the coating film, and finally forms a dense paint film which is almost incapable of passing current, has a very low water content, and has a relatively high electrical resistance.

5, iron red epoxy electrophoresis paint as an example: the electrophoretic paint is modified epoxy resin, butanol, ethanolamine, talc, iron red material composition, electrophoretic paint mixed with distilled water, under the action of DC electric field, ie Separation into positively charged cations and negatively charged anions, and a series of complex physicochemical colloidal chemistry, electrochemical changes.

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